Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bollywood theme party

When you want to celebrate your b'day  with having fun n in different way lets have a party with Bollywood theme . Here I can help you to organize this party in all manner .
Bollywood means full of drama ,action,fun,colours, spicy, your favorite stars ,  ……….

[NEW]: Checkout the bollywood theme birthday celebration that we had recently.


Here are different ideas  for invitation card

  1. Create an invitation card in such a way that it must appeal n let the invitees realize that from invitation to everything related to party is all about Bollywood .It can be through email too. So….the matter of card must be having full of Bollywood popular dialogue s for eg :
  2. You may personally invite all frnds by giving a chocolate or any Indian Methai  box with the invitation card.
  3. You can also add any movie picture in background of invitation n then on it ,write the matter of card.



  • With red carpet in front of main gate …. (for  feeling of any Bollywood award function) 
  • In entrance you can have  like this also 
  • On entrance you can also write Bollywood Theatre ……House full……make Ticket window …And show prises for differnrt seats n show .

Main Party Hall

  • Stick different movie posters on wall , write different famous dialogues on sheets n display it on wall, 
  • Decoration can also be done with old DVD's ….
  • Disco lights can also hanged 
  • Hall should be full of light, different bright colored curtains,table cloths, paper lanterns 
  • cameras,lights , n all other  movie instruments can be made of thermocol.


Ask every invitees to dress in like the popular characters of Bollywood movies such as Mogambo(Mr.India),G abbar,Basanti,Thakur,Jailor(Sholay), Salman (Dabangg), etc


Play any Bollywood song ,old,new,. Also can just play instrumental hindi songs .


Play any famous Bollywood movie


The heart of any party is food. Since Bollywood means hot,spicy , ….your food should be likewise .
--You can name your dishes as Bollywood movie name  or  famous dialogues .Such as :
Starter: Superstar-ters, You can also add a dialogue : Jaha par hum khade hote hain ,line wahi se shuru hoti hain ( Since starters are the first food item in any party)

Drinks : 

Kya Kool hain hum . If any Green drink then Hara-mi , Black or Brown - Kala Pani etc
Also Lassi ,Jaljeera ,Nimbu Pani,Shikanji,Thandai …..all are indian drinks can be served.

Main Course:-

  • Roti /Naan/Lachha Paratha /Tandoori/puri - Name can be GOLMAL 
  • Sabji- Paneer tikka masala,Mutter paneer,Shev Bhaji ,or any Punjabi sabji. 
  • Dal - DABANGG dal
  • Rice - Jeera rice , any pulao - BAVARCHI PULAO 
  • Salad - BEMISAL-AD
  • Achar,chutney, lemon,salt , pepper - HUM SAATH SAATH HAIN 

Desert : 


Not to neglect  things -

  • arrangement of all dish,glass,spoon, tissue , bowl 
  • dustbin 
  • water 
  • hand wash ,napkins 


Make sure your guest enjoy the party.

  • Perform on any Bollywood number dance 
  • Competition for best dialogue , best costume 
  • Give awards for the same (any Funky award, or copy of any popular award trophy) 
  • Couple games


Gift given to the guest when they will leave should be such as chocolate or sweets , (Tag it with dialogue such as Sayonara ……Aap aaye bahar ayi…….Aapke ane se Mogambo khush hua)


  1. I like when we can found all to have a nice, suscesfull..party!!

  2. superb..was looking just for this..thanx..but need more spicy filmy names for the dishes,like a chicken dish or a fish dish..any suggestions please

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